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Welcome to BrightLifeAdviser. This website will give you valuable tips that will ameliorate your life and help you stay on the "positive side". Use this website as a motivation for you and encouragement to do the best you can in your work and activities, and an adviser helping you make the right decisions all the time in your life. Confidence can assist you in succeeding in your works and activities, and this is a big part of our goal for people who apprehend the content in this site. However our main and biggest goal is to make people better human beings, and when we are all principled humans, the world will transform into a place that we have always dreamed of, a place without problems, and a place where everyone's life is brilliant and propitious. The bright suggestions and quotes that we will provide you are essential to making you a more successful person encouraging you to be eager to accomplish your goals towards becoming the ideal person that you want to be!


The "Bright Life" Code of Conduct:

Sustain  BRAVERY






Sustain   LOYALTY





New bright advice will be posted on this  website every week, so stay updated regularly!


Bright Advises:

Bright Advice 1:

Your health is always the number one thing to protect, it’s what keeps you alive, never risk to do something that can deteriorate it even if you can gain a lot from doing the risk, always stay on the safe side and keep yourself healthy to live a long and great life!


Bright Advice 2:

Everyone enters and exits this world, explore and learn the most out of it to have the most successful and enjoyable life you can.

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Bright Advice 3:

Life is like a competition to the finish line, be the one who receives the gold medal, the one who shines and is noticed the most, the one who is acknowledged all the time, be the person who commits to accomplishing higher level awards throughout life!



Bright Advice 4:

There is no time to waste in life, fill in your free time by learning new things, practicing what you need to improve on, and setting and achieving your desired goals. Or even better, use your free time to be innovative and create something that people will enjoy and that will help and benefit them, like what I am doing writing pieces of bright advice for you to become better human beings. By doing this, you can succeed at many different things all at once.


Bright Advice 5:

Everyone is different but should be respected. You should never discriminate someone else's idea or decision because they also matter. Always be assertive, never be too passive or aggressive to others, assertiveness shows that you are a wise and clever person and you understand how bad it is to annoy or hurt others, and at the same time defend yourself and don't let anyone bother you. As an assertive person, you are less likely to get into trouble throughout your life.


Bright Advice 6:

Always be thankful for what you have and that you have lots of opportunities for becoming great in many different fields and subjects. Now you're responsible to take advantage of these opportunities and utilize them as much as you can, to possibly even help other people who have fewer opportunities to become better humans in the future.

(Vienna, Austria-2017)


Bright Advice 7:

Your future depends on the first 20 years of your life and how well you do and how hard you try in your studies and extracurricular activities. The more you try and work hard in your adolescence, the better results you will receive, leading you to a better and comfortable life in the future. If you don't exceed as much as you desired to, try to compensate and work extra hard to achieve your dream career you will continue for the rest of your life.


Bright Advice 8:

Never let go of your dreams, grasp them as tight as you can before anyone else takes them from you. Don't ever give up on the things that you have been working hard on for a long time, keep working on them to become even better and make them one of your main strengths! 


Bright Advice 9:

Defend your talents and don't let anything decline their value because your talents and strengths are the essential keys to having a more prosperous life!

Wow! Already 6 months (Half a year) past

Bright Advice 10:

There is no time for war in this transforming world, everyone from every country should be respected, racism is the worst discrimination because of its complexity and it needs to be stopped, contribute as a person with justice to ending it today!

No matter where we are from, who we are,

Bright Advice 11:

Everyone has the ability to learn anything they want, never hesitate to learn new things throughout your life, they make you a more skillful person and can lead you to becomingmore successful p Try to learn the most skills you can in your adolescence, it will make your future more destined!


Bright Advice 12:

Keep going until you reach the summit, persevere to shine the most amongst others in this world, be brave to conquer your desires, overcome every obstacle in front of you, and accomplish the most you can every inch of your journey throughout life. 

Oh yes! More and more medals from Footba

Bright Advice 13:

Be the kind of person who will be remembered in a positive way by others, express yourself eminently and be a very loyal human being.

(Vancouver, Canada-2015)


Bright Advice 14:

Every human enters this world to upgrade its superiority, be the most active person you can, get yourself involved in many great educational and physical activities throughout your life, gain lots of experience in everything and use your creativity to take the status of humans a step higher in the world.


Bright Advice 15:

Always be a civilized human, show that you deserve to be in this world, don’t ever be a person who wants to make trouble, be a person who instead fixes problems and makes planet Earth a better place.


Bright Advice 16:

In this world, always look at everything through a positive perspective, by doing this your worries will be reduced, you will do and perform better in your job and the activities that you do, you will live a happier life, and essentially the best may always happen for you!


Bright Advice 17:

Try to be a very modest person, care about others as much as you care about yourself, you will be appreciated and respected all the time and will create many good connections with other people.


Bright Advice 18:

Constantly feed yourself with learning new things in life, in order to receive more knowledge about doing what’s right as a good human being and also generally gaining and living a better life with having a high level of knowledge and good education.


Bright Advice 19:

Give your 100% effort in everything you do, whether you are familiar with it or not. Doing the best you can in life shows that you are a competitive and courageous person, therefore you may have an advanced career in your future, and qualify for very good job positions throughout life as you grow, all because of your willpower and your great commitment.


Bright Advice 20: 

Get yourself involved in many activities when you are young, you will gain a lot of skill and confidence physically and mentally from a young age and will eventually master these qualities as you grow, leading you to a more satisfactory future in your life.

Having fun with my bros in 🇮🇷!😎#2016m

Bright Advice 21:

If you see someone having trouble in something, lend them a hand and help them succeed like you, then by doing this, you will also encourage other people to cooperate with each other all the time. This will eventually make everyone's job easier in the activities that you do.


Bright Advice 22:

Always be yourself, don't try to act like someone else just to pretend to be like them, you will feel more comfortable expressing yourself in front of others and will gain a lot of self-esteem. Every human is unalike in a variety of ways both physically and mentally and this is fundamentally what makes us all unique human beings.

(Barcelona, Spain-2019)

Sightseeing Barcelona from Páirc Güell!
I arrived at London Heathrow Airport🛫✈️

Bright Advice 23:

Forget about the mistakes you have made in the past, what matters most is how far you have come now after learning and growing from them.

(London, United Kingdom-2017)


Bright Advice 24:

As a good leader, you should be an open-minded person, don't try to govern others and tell them what to do, everyone's opinion matters and should be heard no matter where they originate from or what they believe in. Take part in a democracy to build a world made with a variety of opinions and not just a single one, therefore everyone will be happy and there wouldn't be any issue regarding dictatorship in this world.

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Bright Advice 25:

Try to teach yourself from a young age to relax and calm yourself in stressful situations, and by doing this you will become a more focused person. You can perform better in the activities you do, and can potentially live a happier and more enjoyable life!


Bright Advice 26:

When you're given a task to do in a subject that isn't a favourite of yours, try to do it with confidence and determination, this way you may receive higher marks on your weaker subjects as you do for your stronger ones.

2017 Season! Soon back for Grade 6 after

Bright Advice 27:

You are the only person in your own life who can decide your own future because you know more than anyone else in what field you can become the most successful in, what you enjoy doing the most as your profession, and what suits you the best.


Bright Advice 28:

We all belong to one planet, meaning that our different ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities should all be treated equally. Not a single person in this world should discriminate any of them at all towards another person's identity. Everyone has a different ethnicity, culture and nationality, and all 3 of these highly significant parts of every human being matter a lot because it explains originality and which is a supernatural part about us each.  We can't change these natural characteristics that are in our blood, and no one culture or nationality has more respect over others at all, therefore there is no point for discrimination towards each other's originality.


Bright Advice 29:

Try to be an organized person in life, because organization can teach you many valuable skills to use for a lot of various reasons. It can help you in avoiding losing things, keeping your work neat, categorizing your needs and valuables properly, and keeping your mind clear and not distracted by avoiding untidiness.

What I picked out for free from a school

Bright Advice 30:

Always be passionate about your identity, the hobbies and activities you do, your accomplishments, the things and people you have in life by your side, your education, profession and many more. Being passionate can help you in gaining self-confidence and being a more thankful and lively person, looking at different things from a more positive and exciting perspective, brings you joy in the activities you do, and also creates a sense of proudness for yourself.

Homemade #PersianCookies🇮🇷🍪🥛, #Healt

Bright Advice 31:

Always think intelligently in everything you do in life, by doing this you may work less hard and even perform better, thus helping you acquire more superior results in the things that you do and practice.

(Lisbon, Portugal-2018)


Bright Advice 32:

Don't ever be afraid to learn the most you can out of this world, it won't hurt to train your brain and master your skills based on what you have learned throughout your life to the point you are at now. 

Sydney, Australia-2016


Bright Advice 33:

Always spend your time doing something that you can improve on or at least something productive such as exercising or completing your work, try not to waste your time on things that you can't learn or develop and progress from. Little changes like this can make a big positive difference in your personality, making you a more intellect and diligent person.

Cancun, Mexico-2016


Bright Advice 34:

Strive to fulfill your ambitions, don't let them disappear from your sight, do the best you can to attain what you want and desire for.


Bright Advice 35:

Always have and show commitment in the activities and work(s) that you do. By doing this, you show others how much you care about succeeding in the things you accomplish and motivate others to also show commitment in the things that they do.


Bright Advice 36:

Always love yourself, your originality, your strengths, and your personality. Accept who you are and trust your character, know that you can do anything and promise yourself that there's always a potential inside of you and your soul.


Bright Advice 37:

Always take your time before making a decision, think wisely of the best decision first and its possible outcomes, then after that come up with an answer for your final decision made. By doing this, you may always be satisfied with the well-thought decision that you make and you'll gain satisfactory results from it all the time.


Bright Advice 38:

Try to progress consistently in everything that you do and learn. Don't skip any steps, and by doing this you can learn more about how you succeed every inch through something that you do, get it finished completely, and concretize the most out of it.


Bright Advice 39:

Don't rush when you do something and always take your time, by doing this you will use your time wisely and calmly to do the task that you are working on, helping you avoid any complication. Using and taking advantage the most of the short time you have for doing something can help you become a more clever and sharp person.

New York, USA-2014


Bright Advice 40:

 Throughout your life always be health conscious physically and mentally. Eat more healthy foods than unhealthy and have a beneficial and nutritious diet, be attentive when driving, avoid smoking and too much alcohol consumption, try to avoid too much screentime (or at least use it for good reasons) and instead do physical activity or even read a book, and make sure you always have access to a sufficient amount of supplies for survival.


Bright Advice 41:

When something negative happens to you in your life think of the "at least”, perceive and understand that you aren’t the only person who has experienced a bad situation in this world, and also know that many people in the world are presumably having a worse situation than you. So, use this advice as your pain reliever and relief for your situation :)


Bright Advice 42:

Be a human being with efficiency, show that you care for saving, erupt your effort into the activities that you do and your studies, don't waste your talents and don't give up on the potential that you have inside of you, don't waste time in doing something to receive a desired  result, consume energy only for purposeful reasons, and in general don't waste and conserve instead to substantially help the world and yourself, so gain the ability to do things successfully and without wasting anything.


Bright Advice 43:

Always make logical and preeminent choices in life, and attempt them no matter what it takes, because those convenient choices may even prospectively lead you to have a better and more superior future.


Bright Advice 44:

Never break a promise that you deal with someone else, if you're not fully sure that you will complete it then never make the promise from the beginning. A pledge is a serious assurance that you will certainly do something in the future, so keep it until fulfillment.


Bright Advice 45:

Always aim for compensation and recovery after a loss or if you're behind in something, strive to compensate for what you lose and the mistakes that you make, and you will never fall behind in life.


Bright Advice 46:

Always continue doing your good habits, and stop doing bad habits so you don't become addicted to any bad habit. Continuing good habits and avoiding bad ones can potentially make you a more postive and healthy person.


Bright Advice 47:

Don't hide your identity and expertises from others, don't be afraid to reveal and proudly show the world with confidence who you are and the components that constructs your personality, the talents and strengths that you have, and the potential that's inside of you.


Bright Advice 48:

Be an active person throughout your life, don't be lazy, because being active can help you develop and prosper in a variety of ways. It can physically help you develop to become a stronger person, and mentally build stamina in your mind.


Bright Advice 49:

Always be an alert person regardless of where you are or what you are doing. When you are driving be aware of your surroundings to avoid collisions. When you are in a place where robbery is common, protect your belonging and hold them close to you so no one can steal them. Be attentive of your surroundings especially in places that may be unsafe, and if anyone tries to criticize or attack you, defend yourself and don't let that person do any harm to you.


Bright Advice 50:

Try to stay energized and focused throughout the day all of the time, avoid becoming drowsy and unfocused. Drink a sufficient amount of water every day to stay hydrated, eat an adequate amount of food to stay fuelled and nourished, and sleep a full duration satisfactory for your age to stay awake and invigorated all through the whole day. These 3 actions are the keys to maintaining a fine energy level potentially throughout your whole life if done practically every day.


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